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Facilitating global commodity trading

We connect global producers to global buyers for all commodities

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Supporting growth of global economies through trade linkages and partnerships.

Our team specialises on trading in bulk mining commodities, agricultural products and energy.

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We provide end-to-end global supply chain solutions.

You can rely on our on-time delivery of your commodity to your location, through our global strategic alliances with partners in road, rail, ports and vessel loading.

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Global drive towards use of Cleaner energy is key to sustain the environment.

Together with our strategic alliance partners, we source and trade LNG cost effectively, safely and responsibly

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The choice of port of exit for each commodity is fundamental for vessel nomination and scheduling

We have integrated vessel planning system that considers the commodity to be moved, port of exit and destination port

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Sourcing bulk agricultural commodities from farmers around the globe to provide food security that sustains life.

We source maize, wheat, corn from producers in a responsible manner that protects the environment.

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Rail logistics are critical in the supply chain for bulk commodities, from mines and farmers to ports of exit.

We manage and facilitate the rail logistics chain, working closely with all rail partners from origin to destination

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Energy is key to growth of economies and building of infrastructure

We provide linkages between energy sources and users, prioritizing efficient routes that guarantee value optimization for all stakeholders.

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About Us

We bridge the gap between African producers and international buyers!

We specialise in sourcing dry bulk commodities and agricultural commodities from mines all over South Africa and SADC region as well as manage logistics from the mines to the various ports of exit situated in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. Commodities are sourced on behalf of international customers and exported to different global locations through strategic alliances with logistics service providers in road, rail ports and vessel loading

Our Mission

We connect buyers of bulk commodities to the producers and mines operating in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

To contribute to the growth of global economies by facilitating trade responsibly. By linking our global customers to sellers of commodities, through our networks of strategic alliance partners, thus ensuring value creation for all stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

Value creation for our customers is the key focus and we achieve this by ensuring that commodities we supply meet the specifications at all times and quality assurance is done at source.

Locations Of Our Operations

We assure reliable worldwide commodity supplies at competitive prices through strategic partnerships with all our value chain partners.