Bulk Commodities

we connect bulk commodities suppliers and mines in Africa with Global buyers

Our team specializes in trading bulk commodities. We develop off-take agreements with bulk commodities producers as well as miners and help them to sell what they got to international markets. We even take care of developing strategic partnerships and special marketing arrangements to get the attention they need. Our services are reliable, and that’s one of the main reasons why international customers stick to what we offer. We provide them the opportunity to access bulk commodities suppliers in Africa, at competitive prices.

Iron Ore

South Africa is the 6th largest producer of iron ore in the world. We have developed relationships with iron ore mines throughout South Africa. They continue to offer iron offers for our international customers, which include fines, low-grade lumps, high-grade lumps, pellet feed, and even pellets.


We have partnerships with coal mines located in the Northern region of South African and the North Eastern region. We have also developed connections with coal mines located in Botswana so that we can deliver a better service to our customers around the world. We offer coal in different grades for international customers who are willing to buy. In fact, we can understand the specific requirements of buyers, and provide them with coal accordingly. For example, we are offering thermal coal for the buyers, who need wish to use them in thermal power plants for the generation of energy and heat.



South Africa is the leading manufacturer of chrome ore in the world. In fact, around 72% of the worldwide chrome resources are located within South Africa. The main buyer of chrome is China. As of now, around 90% of chrome manufactured by South Africa is exported to China. Any international client who wants to get quality chrome from South African mines can get in touch with us. Our team has been able to develop contractual partnerships with the most reliable chrome producers in the region. We can even provide assistance with all logistics needs that our clients would get at the time of buying chrome needed. All our clients can therefore get in touch with our team and connect with our chrome suppliers to get chrome.


Around 22% of Manganese available in the world is located within South Africa. Manganese is the fourth most popular metal in the entire world. People tend to use manganese with numerous day-to-day applications. For example, manganese is present in paint, pots, and batteries. On top of that, manganese is useful at the time of manufacturing ferroalloys and steel, which are combinations of iron.

Any international customer who wants to get manganese from one of the suppliers in South African can get the services we offer. Our team will not just develop the link to get manganese needed but will also provide assistance with logistics needed to export manganese from South Africa. Most clients who get manganese through the partnerships we have created are from the steel industry. However, we also have clients who focus on manufacturing products based on manganese for the automobile industry, animal food industry, and fertilizer industry.


Magnetite is a by-product obtained as a result of manufacturing copper. In fact, magnetite is recovered from Concentrator flotation tails that are streamed by magnetic separation. At the time of producing high-quality magnetite, around 15% of the weight is removed through the cleaning and re-cleaning phases. That’s because magnetic concentrate should be removed to produce magnetite, which offers an iron content between 63% to 66%. You can also find low-grade magnetite, which is offering an iron content between 54% to 58%. We offer our clients both these forms of magnetite.

Rock Phosphate

South Africa is one of the leading producers of rock phosphate in the world. The sole producer of rock phosphate within the country is Foskor. It produces around 2.8 metric tons of rock phosphate per year. Rock phosphate is one of the most useful elements in stimulating the growth of crops. On the other hand, rock phosphate is used for the production of phosphoric acid and phosphate-based granular fertilizers. Any client who wants to import rock phosphate from South Africa will need to get in touch with Foskor. We have developed strategic partnerships with Foskor, and we provide all our clients the opportunity to import rock phosphate without a challenge.